Refreshing treat for summer


Hot weather, high temperature, sweat and thirst, yup these are just some of the signs that summer season is already here. So you wanna pack your things and head to the nearest resort with swimming pools or to the beach and if a little bit adventurous go on a hiking to find a natural spring or falls to submerge yourself and enjoy the fresh water to cool you down.

Ooops.. before anything else why not prepare something to cool you down at home, since summer is also fruit-abundance season with fruits at its sweetest and cheapest, buy some and prepare juices, shakes and other refreshing recipes out of them.

Above photo is an example that the whole family will love. Natural pineapple or orange juice from the can, not the powdered thing, add sliced apples, lemon and pineapple tidbits, add water and sugar – sweetness as you preferred. Me, I only add ice and little sugar to retain its natural flavor and to keep it healthier to drink. I already stayed away from powdered and artificial fruit-flavored drink mixtures as these are only full of sugar, but definitely won’t stay away  looking for a headphone amp at

Enjoy your summer holiday guys!






Sweetend Pineapple

sweetened pineapple

During Summer which started on March up to June fruits like mangoes, pineapple, banana, water melon and honeydew melon are all at their sweetest and cheapest season. Mangoes and pineapples are available all-year long but not as sweet and delicious during the summer season and quite expensive too.

Because these fruits flooded the market, some vendors will go house to house to sell their products. It’s a common sight when you see carts full of different fruits roaming the streets even in private residential areas.

Now that rainy season sets in and the fruits were not as sweet as before, it’s time to do some cooking. 🙂

Here’s the peeled pineapple which I cut into bite size, this was about 1 kilo. I first boiled 2 cups white sugar in 2 cups of water to make a syrup. Then when sugar was dissolve, I added the pineapple pieces and let it simmer for 10 to 15 minutes or when pineapple changed into soft color.

So there it is even if it’s not summer anymore I can still enjoy this delicious fruit without the sour taste. Sweet and crunchy. Best serve cold as dessert and the juice for refreshment by adding ice into it.

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