Philippine Summer Fruits


One of the highlights of summer is the tropical fruits in season, which are abundant during this time at their sweetest and cheap.

Below are just of them:

honey melon

Sweet honey melon, can be eaten fresh or turn into shake/smoothie, see recipe here or just shredded, add sugar, water and ice – a simple drink concoction you can find at street stalls selling street foods.


This guyabano was given by a neighbor, it can be eaten as is or turn into fresh juice which was my favorite drink when I was in college and still is.

Philippine Mango

And of course, this famous fruit – the sweetest mango in the world is found here in the Philippines, the best.. see my mango shake recipe here.

We can add also avocado which is a favorite for shakes and ice cream, we love to have them sweetened with condensed milk or sugar with milk then blend into smoothie, check avocado shake recipe here.

Banana is available all year-round and also pineapple.



Refreshing treat for summer


Hot weather, high temperature, sweat and thirst, yup these are just some of the signs that summer season is already here. So you wanna pack your things and head to the nearest resort with swimming pools or to the beach and if a little bit adventurous go on a hiking to find a natural spring or falls to submerge yourself and enjoy the fresh water to cool you down.

Ooops.. before anything else why not prepare something to cool you down at home, since summer is also fruit-abundance season with fruits at its sweetest and cheapest, buy some and prepare juices, shakes and other refreshing recipes out of them.

Above photo is an example that the whole family will love. Natural pineapple or orange juice from the can, not the powdered thing, add sliced apples, lemon and pineapple tidbits, add water and sugar – sweetness as you preferred. Me, I only add ice and little sugar to retain its natural flavor and to keep it healthier to drink. I already stayed away from powdered and artificial fruit-flavored drink mixtures as these are only full of sugar, but definitely won’t stay away  looking for a headphone amp at

Enjoy your summer holiday guys!






Fried Tilapia with Honey Melon Side-dish

young honey melon

These young honey melon were taken from our little urban garden pre-maturely because the tree is already dying which is very unfortunate since there are already fruits in there. The branches are drying and leaves are withering. Hubby tried to save these fruit by picking it early and put in the rice box and see if will still ripen. Yes they did but not as sweet and soft as the matured ones. Well, two turned orangie and sweet, the smallest one was still green but tasted like cucumber, very refreshing.

Honey melon side dish

Our dish for lunch was fried Tilapia, coated with mayonnaise topped with pickle relish. To make it more interesting, we made the honey melon as its side-dish.

fried tilapia

They blend perfectly well, the sweet and refreshing taste of honey melon compliments the saltiness of Tilapia, plus the sweet and sour flavor of mayonnaise. It’s not everyday you can taste something like this, a simple dish turned into something delectable.  🙂

Bon Appetit..

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