Christmas and Birthday Celebration


I’m sorry for being in hiatus, haven’t posted new recipes in a while. I guess the holiday rush has gotten in me, lol. Feeling lazy to write something and focus more on preparing for our Christmas and coming New Year events.

So here I am with my birthday and Christmas feast, all prepared at home except for the cake and cookies, hahaha not much into baking that’s why. Hubby and I cooked all these with the extra help from my mom who brought her special kare-kare because she knows it’s my favorite. We had Chopsuey (the best seller) halabos na hipon (shrimps cooked in sprite), Rellenong bangus (stuffed milkfish) the filling ingredients is consist of fish meat, ground pork, onion, bell pepper, chopped carrot and potato, with a surprise addition of what do you know – glazed fruit instead of raisins. Patatim and of course Mom’s Kare-kare. Desserts are fruit salad, leche plan, cookies and cake plus fresh fruits and Pineapple juice for the drink.

This special event is for my family and for friends who will drop by if not busy with their own celebrations are very much welcome. After eating family members enjoyed hours of singing with our videoke machine. Yes, singing has always been part of our yearly celebrations, from Karaoke of the old time to Videoke of the present, since it’s already a complete package with lyrics and background music, I don’t have to buy a musical instrument for accompaniment or encounter a yamaha credit card login just in case.

Enjoy the holiday guys and wishing that the coming new year will be a prosperous and peaceful one. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all, God bless!


Garlic, Prawns and Basil Fettuccine

Happy New Year!!! It’s been a while since I posted another recipe here. The holiday season was such a very busy month, I didn’t have much time and energy to sit down and write new recipes. But now I promised myself to be more productive and erase all the negativity that we witness or experienced of the past year,

To start the year right, I’m sharing this new pasta recipe, cooked by Chef Michel of Blackboard resto during the launching of Doña Elena – Al Dente Pasta.

Fettuccine        Ingredients:

  •  50g Doña Elena Al Dente Fettuccine, cooked according to package instructions
  • 150g fresh prawns
  • 10 pcs fresh basil leaves
  • 5 cloves garlic, chopped
  • Doña Elena extra virgin oil
  • salt , cracked black pepper & chili flakes to taste

Cooking instructions:

  1.  Heat pan with olive oil and saute the garlic until golden brown
  2. Add prawns and saute until it change its color or for about 2 minutes only, don’t overcook.
  3. When pasta is cooked, strain immediately to remove excess water and add with prawns and garlic. Gently toss and add basil leaves.
  4. Add chili flakes if desired
  5. Drizzle with Doña Elena extra virgin oil and sprinkle with cracked pepper.


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