First fruit harvest from the garden – Honeymelon

 Honey Melon fruit

Our first fruit harvest from our small garden- the honey melon. Most of our harvests are vegetables like Pechay (bokchoy), eggplants, okra, bitter gourd or ampalaya, we also have cucumber ( I don’t know if it’s categorized as fruit or veggie) and raddish, so we’re pretty excited with this one. lol.. The husband picked it up when it was not yet ripe (first photo) and placed it in our rice compartment for three days and here it is on the second photo, pretty orangie color with sweet fruity fragrance, a sign that it’s already ripe.

Honey Melon shake

Now look at the color of its meat when opened, beautiful! I made a shake using only 250 gms. sugar, ice and 3-5 cups of water, no milk as the husband wanted it this way. A nice refreshment on this hot summer day.

Unripe honey melon

By the way, we still have one more honey melon at the garden hanging on its vine waiting to be pick when the right time comes, just hang in there baby, momma will come to get you in a bit 🙂 


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