kids' health insurance

I was chatting with my friend a few days ago and our topic was about the annual physical checkup of her two kids. Her youngest son had a primary complex which he got from his former nanny. The son undergo almost a year of medication and every month they have to go to his doctor for regular check up. She was thankful that her husband's health insurance from his job covered the expenses. However, if ever her husband resigns from that company, she said she has no choice but to find cheap health insurance she can afford, just to make sure that the health of her children will always be monitored.


Laikka said...

good that it helps...really important to have but must be wise to choose the right insurance company:)

good day!

Island Travel said...

This is also the reason why a lot of employees do not want to resign from such companies because of the health insurance benefits.

*josie* said...

@ Laikka - yes that's true.
Island Travel - thanks Papa Sez

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