Fruit Juice and Sunblock for summer

I always love summer, the perfect season to relax, have a break and unwind from the busy schedules, away from the hassle and buzzle of city life. Go to the beach or trip with nature. The most anticipated moment for the whole family to go on vacation and swim on the beach.

It is summer time once again, the days are so hot, you would want to jump in a pool and stay there for hours, or go to your favorite beach and swim on the cold ocean water. Finish half gallon of your favorite ice cream in one sitting or drink as many ice cold drinks and sodas as you can. But wait, before you go out and stay under the scorching heat of the sun while lingering in the pool or on the beach always wear sunscreen or sunblock lotion on your skin. It is advisable that when you go out and cannot avoid exposure from the sun, bring something that protects you from hot sunlight like umbrella or hat. The ultra violet rays from the sun cause the skin to dry which results in early aging and worse skin cancer. Sunblock or sunscreen lotion, cream or gel helps prevent the skin from getting sunburned. People have different skin types, some have very sensitive skin. Because of many sunblock lotions coming out in the market and with various ingredients used, read all the
Sunblock reviews from other users before trying them. If you have sensitive skin, there are available organic sunblock lotion you can use.

To enjoy the summer and still look beautiful here are some tips to take care of the skin: drink plenty of liquid, preferably water and natural fruit juices. Keep away from direct exposure to the sun, always stay on the shaded area or bring protection like umbrella and wear sunblock lotion.


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