No more waiting for replay schedules

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It's not easy when you have grown-up boys at home and you are the only female in the family.
This is my d
ilemma when it comes to watching my favorite shows on TV, my two sons loved Anime shows, hubby loves sports and action movies, while me I loved to watch reality shows like Amazing Race, Survivor and Food Network. If my younger son got first in front of the TV when he had no classes, you can't stop him, he can sit there forever, LOL. Then at night, hubby will tune-in on news program, so most of the time I missed my favorite shows.
Then I learned about Charter digital. I think my problem will be solve when I subscribe to them, coz I can also get On Demand where I can access and watch all my favorite shows and movies online at my own free time, no more waiting for the replay schedules. There are also hundreds of shows and movies I can choose from, even those episodes that I have missed. I visited their site to
learn more at And will surely add them to my Facebook account to get updates and fun extras on Charter’s Facebook page.

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Rose Belle said...

I set TV time limit for each of my three kids. That's our house rule. But you know, kids are smart and sneaky. If I reduce their TV time, they spend more time on their computers. I limit their computer usage too which they hate but I told them I'm their mom and being a mom means making unpopular decisions at times.

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