My kitchen

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Kitchen should the cleanest room in the house, that's my opinion, because this is where food that goes into our body is prepared and cooked. And clean kitchen sink is a must, for health and sanitary reasons of course, we washed food and cooking utensils there and even our hands before and after we eat. In my kitchen our sink is made of stainless steel, and it's fine with me, although if given a chance to change the look of my kitchen, I would gladly get a granite sink, LOL, coz I find granite sinks stylish and durable. Oh just thinking of an undermount granite sink in my kitchen already excites me. And it may inspire me more to concoct more recipes. haha.


NovaS said...

oh those spacious kitchens... i really dream that our kitchen is really big,

Cecile said...

liza, is this your kitchen? i like it, it is so clean and neat!

Me said...


*josie* said...

@ cecille,
not yet, but this is my dream kitchen. LOL.

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