Watch what you eat and be healthy

We have a family friend who is suffering from diabetes, she is my hubby’s friend way back in their college days. My hubby told that during those years she was already a heavy smoker and coffee drinker, and also loves sweet food. She is in her 50’s and overweight and it seems her illness has created some complications with her other body system, she is now have a daily dose of insulin injections. To improve her health situation her doctor advised her to have a regular exercise and go on a strict diabetic diets with food low in sugar content and high in fiber.
There was a study that eating too much sugary foods is linked to the increased risk of blood sugar-related illness like diabetes, heart disease and stroke. For people who are already have the illness, avoid eating sweet foods like cakes, candies, cookies and soda, and to be sure that diabetic diets are followed know the content of the food you buy, always read the labels at the back of the package, there maybe some hidden sugars such as glucose, sucrose, maltose and fructose into those products. If you cannot avoid eating sweets, there are artificial sweeteners available that can be use as substitute for sugars. Diabetic Diets need not be boring, a lot of delicious and healthy recipes are available for everyone.


yodasmith said...

Artificial sweeteners are not good for the body and are not completely safe for diabetics. Has your friend used SweetLeaf Stevia? SweetLeaf stevia is the only truly 100% natural brand of stevia because it is the only wherein only pure water touches the leaves during extraction. Other brands use chemicals, which changes the taste of the leaf, which is why you get that unpopular aftertaste in some brands. More importantly for your friend, SweetLeaf stevia has 0 calories, 0 carbs, AND a 0 glycemic index! It also nourishes the pancreas and balances blood sugar levels in its whole-leaf forms. Water based stevia concentrate may decrease blood sugar levels, however. SweetLeaf Stevia Plus has added fiber, and I use this in smoothies. It's yummy!

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