Baked Macaroni

One of the latest favorites specially of the kids


1kilo ground beef
1 kilo macaroni pasta
2 cans tomato paste
2 cans meat sauce
1/4 kilo hot dogs sliced
1/4 kilo ham sliced
1 can cream of mushroom
1 can mushroom buttons slice into half
2 cans 370ml evaporated milk
2 box cheese grated
1 tbsp. sweet pickle relish
pinch of oregano
basil leaf
red bell pepper minced
2 250gms. butter


Cook pasta according to label instruction
In a big cooking pan saute ground beef, hot dogs and ham in 1/4 butter
add the bell pepper, mushroom,oregano, pickle and basil leaf
then add meat sauce, tomato paste and continue for at least 10 minutes
Turn off the heat and add the cooked pasta to the sauce and mixed evenly.
Then put the cooked ingredients in a baking pan spread evenly, add the toppings
and bake in an oven, 360 degree heat for 20-25 minutes

for toppings:
melt butter, add milk and cream of mushroom, then add grated cheese


Skippyheart said...

looks yummy!

I will have baked mac for lunch tuloy siguro =)

Ramon said...

kakagutom naman.

Anonymous said...

I loved Baked Macaroni, looks very good wanna try it soon!

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