Steamed Tilapia in a Grill


1 whole big Tilapia
onion chopped
garlic minced
green pepper sliced into small
pieces remove the seeds
salt to taste

black pepper powder
parsley chopped
1/4 butter
3 tbs oyster sauce


Clean Tilapia and place in a pan In a separate bowl mixed all the ingredients, this mixture is the marinade for the Tilapia, then pour into the pan with Tilapia, leave for a few minutes to let the flavor get into the fish. Wrap the fish in an aluminum foil together with all the ingredients and cooked in an open fire. Just be careful not to break the aluminum foil. Leave for a while, when you see that the aluminum foil that wrapped the fish expand or balooned, remove from the fire or turn off the heat, then it is already cooked. Topped with garlic butter.


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