Kare kare


1 kl. oxtail or ox trife
1/4 kl. peanut butter or giniling na mani
1/4 rice powder
atsuete for color
string beans cut into pieces
pechay tagalog
3 pcs. egg plant cut into pieces
salt to taste


Boil oxtail or ox trife until tender, add onion. While waiting the meat to cook, prepare the other ingredients,dissolve peanut butter, rice flour and atsute in water in separated containers. When the meat is already tender add the peanut mixture and mix continously to prevent the peanut from sticking in the bottom, when the peanut is coooked add the atsuete juice and rice flour, then the vegetables. Let cooked for a few minutes until the vegetable are cooked, salt to taste.

For the shrimp paste or bagoong here's the ingredients:
cooking oil
uncooked shrimp paste
garlic and onion
sugar and vinegar
pork (optional)cut into small pieces

saute garlic, onion, and pork in a pan, add the shrimp paste cook for a few minutes, then add vinegar about 2 tbsp. cover, do not mix, after the vinegar boiled then add the sugar, taste it if still too salty add sugar again.

Serve Kare kare with shrimp paste or bagoong.


Yami said...

Ok ito. Although nakapagluto na ako nito pero hindi naman madalas kaya I still refer sa recipe para siguradong walang nakalimutan na ingredient. :-)

Yami said...

Hi Ate Josie. I'm thinking of cooking kare-kare tomorrow may pata kasi ako. Pero iniisip ko rin kung paksiw na lang. Pahingi na lang ng parehong recipe ha. Pasilip na rin mga panghimagas mo. Thanks! :D

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