Chicken Tinola with a twist

This is the classic way of cooking Tinolang Manok, but as we always cooking it this way, we tried adding new ingredient to suit our taste and here we find that adding a curry powder gave it a new taste thus giving it a new twist, try it you might like it too, and here is the recipe for this meal.

Tinolang Manok


1 kilo chicken cut into pieces
1 small piece ginger cut into strips
garlic chopped
1 tbsp. cooking oil
pepper leaves (dahon sili)
1 small piece green papaya cut into pieces
or sayote
2 tsp. fish sauce (patis)
4 cups water


heat pan and put the cooking oil
saute first ginger till lightly brown
then add garlic and onion cook till transparent, don't burn it
add chicken and put the fish sauce
cook for a while till chicken change color
add water let it boil until the chicken get cooked and tender
add sayote or papaya which ever you preferred
cook till half tender, add pepper leaves
salt to taste then add curry powder for a twist.


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