Beef Sinigang


1 kl. beef ribs or beef shanks chopped into pieces
5 pcs. okra
2 pcs. eggplant cut into pieces
string beans cut into pieces
kangkong leaves
5 pcs. gabi cubed
green pepper or siling pansigang
tamarind powder
1 medium size onion
2 medium size tomatoes
salt to taste
4 cups of water or as desired


In a sauce pan, put the beef, add onion and tomato, saute with no oil, when the onion and tomatoes are cooked, put water and let it boil until the meat is cooked and tender. When the meat is tender put first the gabi,let it cook then add all the vegetables and tamarind powder, then boil for a while until the vegetables are half cooked, add salt to taste.
Best serve with fish sauce and chili.


Olga said...

Your dishes look really beautiful! Great blog :)

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