Tikoy Roll (Lumpia)


Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!

Yep it’s Chinese New Year and Tikoy or¬†Nian Gao (Chinese rice cake) is very popular during this season same as our local kakanin puto-bumbong and bibingka every Christmas which symbolizes unity among family members for being sticky.

We’re not really celebrating Chinese New Year though but asked hubby to buy this from the grocery (nakikiuso lang, lol) and cooked for our afternoon snack. I used lumpia wrapper instead of the usual egg coating to prevent the tikoy from sticking into the pan. I like this tikoy roll better than the one coated with egg, as it’s more crunchy on the outside and melting on the inside. The actual flavor was also retained and not too oily unlike when using battered egg.


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Baked Boneless Milkfish (Bangus)

Baked Bangus

Hello folks, the holiday is finally over wheww.. Cheating with our diet by indulging with “sinful” holiday sweets, meaty and fatty foods, lol…

For a change I have this simple yet healthy and delicious baked boneless milkfish (bangus) with veggie toppings to make up for all the diet cheating I have committed haha..

I love bangus but hate the tiny fish bones specially on the tail part, not only once have I experienced being pricked inside my throat, so I’m very careful and also worry for the kids, in case it will happen to them too. Thank goodness for the person/people who thought of this idea of removing the bones from this fish. This boneless bangus is readily available at your favorite supermarkets and wet market.

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Veggie Salad

It’s the holiday, yey! favorite time of the year where fats and sweets are here to savor, not so healthy we know, but hey it’s only once a year to feasts on these delicious food on our table and friends’ and relatives’ tables, lol..

Anyways, even if we indulge on those “sinfully delicious dishes”, here’s a recipe I want to share to get a piece of ‘healthiness” into your diet and freshen your palate, :) my simple Veggie salad you can do by yourself.

Veggie salad

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Home-made Duck Ham


DUCK HAM – quite intriguing? Yes, I know..lol. coz’ the ordinary ham we know is pork ham and then chicken ham. As we progressed we tried other variety of meat and experiment how it’s gonna taste using the same method of curing and cooking.

Hubby is the expert on this, after learning how to make home-made pork ham, saw in one morning show a duck ham preparation and got curious, immediately traveled to his home town in Pasig and bought two whole ducks for this recipe.



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