Excited for the coming holiday!

Can’t  believed it’s gonna be September next week or just 2 days to go before the start of the longest holiday celebration in the country which is Christmas and New Year. I’m expecting to hear Christmas songs to be played in the radio one of these days as a signal of the coming holiday.. yup that’s how excited we are. lol..

And because Christmas means gift giving, I found some Hot Deals for the give-aways I’m planning to do. Something that both kids and adults will love, a musical instrument to past times, discover and hone natural talents.


Also a time to prepare another delicious home-made ham, like what hubby did last year, now that made me more excited.. haha

Lechon Kawali and porkless veggie soup for dinner

Lechon Kawali

The other night’s dinner was Lechon Kawali – hubby bought a kilo of pork belly and cooked it in water seasoned with salt until tender then deep fried until the skin became crispy.

Lechon kawali

And of course Lechon kawali will not be complete without a sauce which is Mang Tomas sarsa ng lechon.

PorkSavor All-in-one seasoning

Since we already have a dish rich and loaded with cholesterol… lol… I decided to make a veggie soup using minced onion, potatoes, pechay Baguio and peppercorn, for the seasoning is the PORKSAVOR™ All-in-One Seasoning Mix .

Just put all the ingredients except pechay Baguio in the sauce pan, add 3-4 cups of water and simmer until potatoes are done then add the pechay and continue cooking until pechay is half-cooked. Season with a pack of PORKSAVOR™ All-in-One Seasoning Mix. Add salt if needed or according to your taste preference. Serve hot.


Veggie soup

The soup tasted like a regular nilagang baboy we always have even if there’s no pork added, you can actually taste the flavor of real pork minus the cholesterol we’ve been dreading of.  I’m kinda expected it sincePORKSAVOR™ All-in-One Seasoning Mix is another quality product from Ajinomoto.

Are you ready to feast for the coming Holiday season?

photo credit: GMAnetwork.com

photo credit: GMAnetwork.com

It’s already August and next month is the start of ‘ber’ which we Filipinos considered as the beginning of the Holiday season and before we know it, Christmas and New Year is fast approaching. Family reunions, corporate Christmas parties and friends get-together  will dominate the whole month of December and first week of January.


Are you ready this time for the long celebrations? Have you prepared recipes and menus for your potluck in the coming reunions and get-together? How about the cookware for your family feast you’ll be needing for big events like these?


If haven’t yet, I suggest find the cookware you need here at Lazada Online Shopping Mall for hassle-free shopping now that it’s gonna be a very busy season for all of us. Me, I already prepared my planner for the list of menus and recipes and checking for  Christmas decors I will put in the house. In my opinion, the earlier I prepare the better I’ll be organized for the coming festivity.

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