Fresh Langka (Jackfruit) Preserve


A few days after Holy Week, me and my friends visited three churches, the  Padre Pio Shrine in Sto Tomas, Batangas, The Chapel of the Pink Sisters in Tagaytay City and Caleruega Church in Nasugbu Batangas as an extension of our Visita Iglesia (Church Visits). And of course you won’t leave the place without bringing something from them to your home, it’s called ‘Pasalubong‘ in local term. We bought kakanin (native delicacies) like buko pie and other local snacks and fruit produce from those towns.There are pineapples, avocados, guayabano, mangoes, bananas and jackfruits.


I bought home langka or jackfruit which is one of my favorite fruits that I craved so much with this when I was pregnant on my second child, lol.. And who wouldn’t be, the aroma and sweet taste will definitely make you drool pregnant or not, this is also the reason that it’s a regular ingredients to many native snack dishes (kakanin) like ginatan, rice cakes, halo-halo and other desserts to make them more tastier.


Here are the beautiful and delicious jackfruit meat you can eat raw, but the seeds need to be cooked, by simply boiling until soft. Sweetend Langka

To preserved the Jackfruit meat, simply cooked it with sugar:

  • boil water with sugar to make a syrup then add the meat and let simmer for 4-8 minutes only depending on the quantity, don’t overcook as it will ruin the texture of the meat. Sugar measurement upon your sweet preference.
  • Let cool and place in a bottle then refrigerate, if you want to store it longer, put in a plastic container and freeze like what I did and defrost when needed.

First fruit harvest from the garden – Honeymelon

 Honey Melon fruit

Our first fruit harvest from our small garden- the honey melon. Most of our harvests are vegetables like Pechay (bokchoy), eggplants, okra, bitter gourd or ampalaya, we also have cucumber ( I don’t know if it’s categorized as fruit or veggie) and raddish, so we’re pretty excited with this one. lol.. The husband picked it up when it was not yet ripe (first photo) and placed it in our rice compartment for three days and here it is on the second photo, pretty orangie color with sweet fruity fragrance, a sign that it’s already ripe.

Honey Melon shake

Now look at the color of its meat when opened, beautiful! I made a shake using only 250 gms. sugar, ice and 3-5 cups of water, no milk as the husband wanted it this way. A nice refreshment on this hot summer day.

Unripe honey melon

By the way, we still have one more honey melon at the garden hanging on its vine waiting to be pick when the right time comes, just hang in there baby, momma will come to get you in a bit 🙂 For the meantime I’ll be looking for a silver polishing cloth for my son’s musical instrument.

Tikoy Roll (Lumpia)


Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!

Yep it’s Chinese New Year and Tikoy or Nian Gao (Chinese rice cake) is very popular during this season same as our local kakanin puto-bumbong and bibingka every Christmas which symbolizes unity among family members for being sticky.

We’re not really celebrating Chinese New Year though but asked hubby to buy this from the grocery (nakikiuso lang, lol) and cooked for our afternoon snack. I used lumpia wrapper instead of the usual egg coating to prevent the tikoy from sticking into the pan. I like this tikoy roll better than the one coated with egg, as it’s more crunchy on the outside and melting on the inside. The actual flavor was also retained and not too oily unlike when using battered egg.


This is a very simple recipe Continue reading

Baked Boneless Milkfish (Bangus)

Baked Bangus

Hello folks, the holiday is finally over wheww.. Cheating with our diet by indulging with “sinful” holiday sweets, meaty and fatty foods, lol…

For a change I have this simple yet healthy and delicious baked boneless milkfish (bangus) with veggie toppings to make up for all the diet cheating I have committed haha..

I love bangus but hate the tiny fish bones specially on the tail part, not only once have I experienced being pricked inside my throat, so I’m very careful and also worry for the kids, in case it will happen to them too. Thank goodness for the person/people who thought of this idea of removing the bones from this fish. This boneless bangus is readily available at your favorite supermarkets and wet market.

For the ingredients: Take note all the measurements are depending on your preferences. Continue reading

Welcoming the New Year from my kitchen to your home

Media Noche


Hello 2016, welcoming you with abundance of food on our table, the traditional “Media Noche”  symbolizing prosperity for the coming year.

Have a hearty and full tummy New Year to all, God bless!!!

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