Home-made Sweet Ham

Home-made Ham

Ham is traditionally part of the Holiday feast during Christmas and New Year, particularly on the eve which is called “Noche Buena” a banquet shared by the whole family and sometimes close friends welcoming the birth of Christ and “Media Noche” on New Year’s eve to welcome the coming year with lots of food for prosperity.


And because the ‘ber’ months had started, hubby again decided to test his skill on making home-made ham, lol.. yup he’s been doing it as the holiday season getting nearer. Because commercial hams found at grocery stores are getting expensive every year, we can save a lot and 100% sure that what we have is really delicious and delectable plus the fulfillment he felt every time people who tasted his home-made ham, gave him thumbs-up for a job well done. :)

If you want to get the recipe, check this post How to cook home-made ham. Happy cooking!

Tips for Opening a New Coffee Shop

photo credit: http://bidehome.blogspot.com/2015/07/simple-cafe-decoration.html

photo credit: http://bidehome.blogspot.com/2015/07/simple-cafe-decoration.html

Coffee lovers have a hard time getting through the day without a fresh cup of coffee early in the morning, and many drink extra cups throughout the day to get the energy they need for working. Opening a coffee shop lets you appeal to those customers and anyone else who loves caffeinated drinks. Depending on where you live, you might find that your shop appeals to college kids, hipsters and green enthusiasts who want like the newer organic and free trade coffees now available on the market. Before opening your shop, you may want to look at some tips that can help you reach even more customers.

Have the Right Tools and Equipment

Whether you want to serve just straight coffee or a combination of coffee drinks, you must have the right tools and equipment on hand to make those drinks. An espresso machine lets you prepare this rich and hearty Italian coffee, but you’ll want to invest in espresso tampers to use with your machine. You’ll now find tampers in various colors and designs. If you sell cold drinks and/or pastries, your shop will also need an adequate refrigerator and a display case for those pastries.

Offer More Than Just Coffee

It’s almost impossible to run a successful coffee shop in today’s world without expanding beyond traditional coffee. Starbucks introduced coffee fans to a wide range of mixed drinks and iced drinks, and you might want to serve similar options in your shop. You can appeal to customers looking for a quick lunch with a selection of simple sandwiches, soups and salads too. If you plan to open early in the day, give your shoppers different choices for breakfast meals too, including breakfast sandwiches and delicious pastries like croissants.

Plan Special Events

Get even more customers through your doors with special events you host every week or month. College kids and literary lovers might appreciate poetry readings that you offer, and others might like coming to see displays you set up that feature work produced by local artists. The best way to inform shoppers of those special events is with social networking. Post updates on Twitter, Facebook and other sites to let your customers know all about the events you host. Following these easy tips can help make your new coffee shop a success and keep your customers happy, full and satisfied.

Choco Hotdog Waffle


Chocolate waffle with hotdog filling, my first try actually in using this waffle maker that I borrowed from my son. Since my first plan was to make a pancake, I prepared the chocolate pancake mix but changed my mind when I saw this waffle maker standing by and add hotdogs to see how it will fare.

Waffle mix ingredients: follow package directions

  • 250 grms. pancake flour mix –
  • sugar
  • egg
  • milk ( fresh, evap or powder) – add water if you will use milk powder
  • 2 tbsp cooking oil
  • 2 tbsp. cocoa powder (I used Hershey’s here)
  • hotdogs
  • butter – for brushing to prevent sticking in the pan


Simple instructions:

Brush the waffle cooker with butter, put waffle mixture just half then add hotdog put additional mixture to cover the hotdogs, please refer to the photos above. Put down the cover of the cooker and let cook.

And that was our breakfast of the day while listening to beautiful music in our radio with 18 inch speakers. Please try and you won’t regret. Happy eating!


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