Milkfish Longaniza

Bangus Longaniza

When everybody’s aiming for healthy food without compromising flavor, I can recommend this Bangus longaniza or milkfish sausage from FisherFarm. Because its main ingredient is milkfish there are no fats we usually dread of and you can really taste the fish meat inside with the same sweet and garlicky flavor you can get from regular pork longaniza. We had this for breakfast partnered with fried rice and hot cup of coffee.. yummy. Also I love their Rellenong Bangus or stuffed milkfish, it’s huge and flavorful very good to serve when you’re having a party or celebration.

And speaking of celebrations, I know it’s quite a bit far to celebrate Halloween as we’re not in the mid part of the year yet. But this doesn’t stop pet owners to provide pet halloween costumes for their pets.

Easter Sunday Simple Celebration


During the whole Holy Week we just stayed home and as a Catholic we observed the no-meat  meal for three days, from Holy Thursday, Good Friday to Black Saturday. And to celebrate Easter Sunday  we decided to order lunch for delivery from Chowking since we don’t want to go out as it’s going to be heavy traffic on the road with vehicles and people going out from a week of hiatus.

For this meal. we ordered their Family Lauriat A package which consists 5 pcs. Chicken, 1 Pancit Canton, 1 Chopsuey, Plain Rice for 3 and 3 Regular Softdrinks for Php 446.00, I added 1 Sweet and Sour Pork Lauriat (Combination of sweet and sour pork, ½ order pancit canton, 8 pieces chicharap, 1-pc buchi and egg fried rice) Php. 160.00. We are 5 at home, I  cooked additional steamed rice to accommodate the big appetite of my four boys… lol.

chowking halo halo

And because we were also craving for a cool refreshing dessert or snack because of the scorching heat brought by the summer weather, we ordered 2 Super Sangkap with Ice Cream Large Halo-halo – Php 110.00 each.

Now that’s a simple celebration but we enjoyed it so much, one of the very rare moments that we are all together, all filled-up and happy. Nothing can beat that like the drummer’s choice of music instruments for his band.

Lugaw Topped with Chicken Adobo

Lugaw with Chicken adobo

Our merienda for today (afternoon snack) – Lugaw (rice porridge) topped with chicken Adobo (stew) one of the famous Filipino dish. This was prepared by hubby even if it’s already summer here, it’s still nice to eat something hot as the weather hahaha..

To make some variations on the regular Lugaw (rice porridge) partner with tokwa’t baboy (fried tof/bean curd and boiled pork), this one is a real deal too as the sweet and sour taste of Adobo compliments the usually bland Lugaw just like what the tokwa’t baboy dipped in vinegar, soysauce, brown sugar, black pepper powder and fresh minced garlic mixture did.

So the next time you have some left-over Adobo pork or chicken in your fridge, try it with your regular lugaw and you won’t regret I assure you. :)

You can also check my Chicken Arroz caldo recipe (Chicken Rice Porridge)

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