Caffé Bene Triangulation Challenge accepted

CaffeBene Challenge1

CaffeBene ChallengeLast Sept. 9  Caffé Bene located in Eastwood City Walk 2 held the Triangulation Challenge in which I was one of the food bloggers invited to participate in the event.

The event was hosted by the owner itself Mr. Desmond Chua – who demonstrated to us the step by step procedure of the challenge, with Ms. Ella, Ms. May and Ms. April explaining the different stages of coffee-making processes.


Caffé Bene History:

It was on April 2008 that the first-ever Caffé Bene store was opened in Eastern Seoul, South Korea. It was founded by Mr. Kin Sun-Kwon and became the biggest and fast-growing coffee shop chain in Korea which presently have 800 branches and still growing.

Facts about Caffé Bene:

Caffe Bene brand

What is Triangulation Challenge?

To learn to distinguished coffee quality through three senses namely:

  • Smell (Olfaction) – which is the primary sense in distinguishing coffee from one another through its aroma (wet aroma) and fragrance (dry aroma)
  •  Taste – (Gustation) – primary means of grouping coffees with similar taste based on recognized dissolved substances on the tongue and;
  • Texture (Mouth feel) – refers to the beverage viscosity and fat content known as the “body”.

CaffeBene Challenge2

The steps are:

  1.  Rule of Silence ( the room must be free of distracting sights, smell and sound)
  2. Steep – adding hot water on the ground coffee beans in the cup and let stay for 3 to 5 minutes without mixing.
  3. Break crust
  4. Skim surface bubbles and grounds
  5. Steep for another 8-10 minutes
  6. Aspirate and taste  -  (sniffing, slurping and swallowing)

CaffeBene Challenge3

Attending this event and doing the challenge is a new experience for me as a coffee drinker, I have learned to appreciate every sip because of the many processes a single coffee bean has to undergo before reaching my table, from planting, to harvesting, drying, roasting, storing to packaging. Though I didn’t get a perfect score (4 out it was all worth it. Oh well there will always be a next time and hoped to do better. :)

Bene Caffe pastries

Caffé Bene Pastries

Come to Caffé Bene at Eastwood Citywalk 2 and taste their delicious special coffee and other products like Italian Gelato, Fraffes, teas, beverages and pastries.

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Healthy Cucumber-infused drinking water

As I have posted on my health and beauty blog Josie’, I’ve been attending Zumba health fitness class for more than a year now, this is to lower my BMI or body mass index which is way above the ideal weight I should have considering my height and age.


Besides the work-out I am having, I also tried to stick to healthy diet, but not to the point of starving myself. I’m not a big eater so it’s not hard for me to achieve my goal and won’t need to wear plus size sport bras during exercise. Adding to healthy food is this water infused with cucumber. Not only refreshing but healthy as well. Just slice the cucumber and add to your water, let it stay for overnight in the fridge to get all the benefits. Fresh cucumber is good for 2 days in your drinks, after that discard and change your water.

Healthy drink
The cucumber contains alkaline-forming minerals and is an excellent source of vitamin C and A (anti-oxidants), folate, manganese, molybdenum, potassium, silica, sulfur, and lesser amounts of vitamin B complex, sodium, calcium, and phosphorus.  (

Excited for the coming holiday!

Can’t  believed it’s gonna be September next week or just 2 days to go before the start of the longest holiday celebration in the country which is Christmas and New Year. I’m expecting to hear Christmas songs to be played in the radio one of these days as a signal of the coming holiday.. yup that’s how excited we are. lol..

And because Christmas means gift giving, I found some Hot Deals for the give-aways I’m planning to do. Something that both kids and adults will love, a musical instrument to past times, discover and hone natural talents.


Also a time to prepare another delicious home-made ham, like what hubby did last year, now that made me more excited.. haha

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